As a father, Mufasa was careful to act as a strong male role model to his impressionable son Simba, built on a solid sense of self – a lion king, descended from a long line of lion kings before him. His keen interest in parenting reflected a wider appreciation of traditional family values, including clearly delineated gender roles and a father’s position as his family’s protector.

Being a charismatic young leader himself, gifted in bringing together animals from all walks of life (some had even called him the first zebra king), Mufasa related to Clinton’s first term.  Like the Clintons,  Mufasa was also a passionate advocate for universal healthcare since witnessing the positive impact of Rafiki’s healing powers for the animal kingdom.

When Simba ventured into the elephant graveyard, Mufasa came down hard on him, justifying his reaction as a means of instilling in his son a rational fear of  threats to his freedom.  His hawkish views on border security led him to come out in strong support of the Patriot Act as well as the invasion of Afghanistan, although he drew the line at Iraq. Much like George W. Bush’s relationship with Tony Blair, in implementing his own counter-terrorism strategy, Mufasa found a willing ally in the British, through Zazu, the southern yellow-billed hornbill.

While undoubtedly leaning right, Mufasa considers himself grounded firmly in the centre, and was clearly ill at ease when his brother Scar formed a paramilitary group –  Mufasa saw this as a cynical attempt to capitalise on the angst of disenfranchised young hyenas.

On religion, Mufasa is a devout believer in the afterlife and upon his death became a talking cloud. He continues to preach conservative platitudes, such as reminding Simba to “remember who he is” (a privileged member of the animal ruling class).

Unlike many of his fellow conservatives, Mufasa is a strong supporter of action on climate change, viewing anthropogenic global warming as an indicator of disruptions to what he calls “the circle of life”.

In 2012, Mufasa is seeking a candidate who shares his views on security and family values, as well as his more progressive approach to climate change. Accordingly, he has been busy lobbying Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run as a Republican presidential nominee.


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