Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor

Growing up in the working class enclaves of Detroit, Michigan, Tim’s politics are grounded in reality. He saw his parents, their friends and their friends’ friends do it tough from time to time, instilling in him a sense of social justice which saw him gravitate toward the Democratic party early in life. For Tim’s burgeoning political awareness, Watergate came at a particularly influential moment.

All this changed in the late ’70s. Tim became disillusioned with the Democratic party and the Carter administration had him wanting more. “We should aspire to succeed,” thought the young Tim, who by this time was on the television fast-track, with a young, smart girlfriend he intended to make his wife and a life of creature comforts and middle class suburban-dom knocking at his door. “I want my car port, I want my kids to go to good schools and I shouldn’t feel ashamed about that,” thought Tim.

Tim voted Reagan in 1980, and since then has swapped his votes between moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats: Reagan in ’84; Bush in ’88; Clinton in ’92; not getting to the booth in ‘96 (due to a sandbelting accident which left Al Borland in emergency); Bush in 2000; Kerry in 2004; and Obama in 2008.

When he goes to the polls in 2012, Tim will consider what he sees as chronic economic mismanagement and a misguided health care policy by the Democrats since 2008 against worrying signs that the extreme right wing is taking over the Republican party’s middle ground. He may look to an independent candidate, should Rick Perry get the nomination, or would likely vote Republican if Mitt Romney is the party’s selected candidate.

Tim and his neighbour Wilson discuss politics over the fence in this backyard frequently – Wilson tries in vain to convince Tim of Ron Paul’s feasibility as a presidential candidate and the validity of the libertarian movement. Uuuuruhh? 

Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor

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